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Got any LPs, reel-to-reel tapes, DATs, Minidiscs or cassettes you’d like to put on CD, hard drive or flash drive?
Call 617-361-6107, or email me at melpk@tiac.net.


These early albums are still available from Melville Park. Price is $15 + $2 P&H:

Vance Gilbert: “Face to Face” (1991). Originally cassette only, but digitally mastered, and available on CDs made from the master.

Kerri Powers: “Sleepwalking Again” (1995). Kerri’s first album.

Boston Street Musicians: “Music In The Air” (1989). Folk & classical studio recordings by some of Boston’s finest street musicians.


Albums in progress include Fran Friedman (songs for children) and The Millis-Berfield Band featuring songs by Bo Veaner as well as some covers.

Recently released are albums by George Attisano classical guitarist, John Spinks singer/songwriter, and Chris & Meredith Thompson.

Jan Luby (singer/songwriter) and Nancy Mulrey (traditional Irish songs) have started their next albums, and Marc Friedman (who designed this website) is making a six-song rock EP. Also in progress an album by Susan Lee Anderson and Jake Garrels.

Melville Park Studio recently digitized part of the tape collection of the Folk Song Society Of Greater Boston; concerts and workshops going back to the 1970s. Also part of Kate Seeger’s collection from the ’60s & ’70s.