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Since 1986, Melville Park has been serving the Boston area acoustic music & spoken word communities by recording albums & demos, providing financing and free studio time to promising artists, supporting public radio stations and acoustic music venues, and making live recordings of concerts and open mikes.

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What They're Saying

"Steve's attention to what is essential in recording brought out the best in my music. "Strawman" is one of my best works - and I thank him for helping me bring it to life."
- Jim Infantino, "Strawman"

"Thanks for all your care, expertise, and faith in the project. I'm thrilled with the results"
- Kate Chadbourne"The Irishy Girl"

"The best $800 bucks I ever spent."
- Martin Sexton, "In the Journey" (1990)

"Thank you for all you've done to make this album possible. Your calm demeanor, patience, and experience made working with you a most pleasant ride."
- Michael Troy, "Milltown Boy"

"The first time I walked into your studio I knew I was someplace special. You've been a good friend, and have really pulled off some jobs for me."
Tracey DelFino, Trespass Music (Michael Troy, Les Sampou, Danielle Miraglia, Larry Zarella)

"I went to Melville park to make a simple album that might get me started in the music business. Years later, that album is still in demand."
-Don White, "Two Vagabonds in Disguise"