Album Client List

Here are a few of the artists and groups who’ve made albums at Melville Park Studio:

Vance GilbertMartin Sexton
Don WhiteJim Infantino
Michael TroyVox One
Kerri PowersJess Klein
Kate ChadbourneKallet/Epstein/Ciccone
Debra CowanLorraine & Bennett Hammond
Scott AlarikCraig Sonnenfeld
Kim TrustyBethel Steele
Oen KennedyPatti DeRosa
Danielle MiragliaChris & Meredith Thompson
Jerry & Nancy BellLiam Hart
Jan LubyMike Delaney
Terry KitchenDavid Rovics
Rob SiegelBrookline Artbarn Community Theater
Jeremy LyonsFolk Song Society of Greater Boston

Other recordings include numerous demos, EPs, voiceovers, and excerpts from live concerts.

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